What is our Vision and Mission?

We are a local church seeking to exalt Jesus Christ by making disciples and transforming our community with the gospel. 

As a church we seek to accomplish this vision through three ministry distinctives:

  • Christ Exalting Simplicity: Every ministry at GCC is simple. Our focus is Christ and every ministry seek to exalt Him by loving Him and others. 

  • Biblically Faithful Worship: Our public worship is Word centered. Through multiple Scripture readings, congregational singing, various prayers, and the proclamation of the Word our desire is to obey God. 

  • Family Oriented Community: The local church is a community of faith. This community strives to follow Jesus in personal discipleship. 

These distinctives can be summarized as SIMPLE | BIBLICAL | COMMUNITY

Our Discipleship Process

We believe that discipleship is key in the Christian life. This is why we have made it our goal to promote spiritual growth through Biblical education. Spiritual formation is both theological and practical. Our process is a threefold: Gospel Saturation, Gospel Implementation, Gospel Reduplication. We believe that followers of Christ must be saturated in the gospel. This leads to implementing the gospel in every area of life. This results in reduplicating the gospel through making disciples. 

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