Southern Baptist Convention

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), organized in 1845 in Augusta, Georgia, has grown into a national network of more than forty-five thousand churches and church-type missions with nearly sixteen million members who worship in more than two dozen languages each week across the United States and its territories. Southern Baptists provide direct support for almost ten thousand individuals who serve across the nation and around the world in direct ministry as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, ministering to at least 377 people groups in 153 countries, many of whom have little access to the Gospel in their native language. Southern Baptists also provide ministerial training and education for more than sixteen thousand full-time and part-time students through their six theological seminaries.

The term “Southern Baptist Convention” refers both to the eleven ministry entities supported by Southern Baptists and to the annual meeting when messengers to the Convention assemble in a host city to transact the business of the Convention. Working in cooperation with 1,174 local associations and 42 state conventions, Southern Baptists share a common bond of basic Biblical beliefs and a cooperative commitment to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world.

One becomes a Southern Baptist by uniting with a Southern Baptist church — one in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist enterprise of reaching the world for Christ. Typically church membership is a matter of receiving Jesus as your Savior and Lord and experiencing believer’s baptism by immersion.