About Us


Welcome to the Grace Community Church website! We seek to make much of Jesus as He has called us to represent the Gospel in to Cedar Creek Lake Community.

We exist to exalt Jesus Christ by being a biblically faithful church that makes disciples and transforms our community.

We Aim to be Christ-Exalting: Our goal is to be a Christ Exalting church. In all that the Church seeks to accomplish in the community the overall mission is the exaltation of Jesus Christ. This means that our worship is geared towards making much of Jesus. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Lord and Savior of the world. He has redeemed us for His glory. Thus, it is our aim to make much of Jesus as we devote our lives to Him in faithful obedience. We exist to make known His death and resurrection to our community and among the nations.

We Seek to be Biblically Faithful: The goal is brought about through the means of Scripture. Jesus transforms our lives through His Word. We are not a pragmatic church. We are a biblical church. Scripture teaches us about our lives, how the church is to be governed, and how we can impact the community. We believe that the Bible is the only sufficient and infallible rule of all saving faith. We are unwavering in our commitment to its precepts and statutes. For these reasons we are committed to the faithful exposition of God’s Word in preaching and teaching. We seek to be saturated by the Bible in all areas of ministry.

We Desire to be Family Oriented: The result of Scripture’s impact on our lives is the discipleship of God’s family. We are not a program driven church rather a family oriented church. Each member has a reasonability to love each other and their neighbors. Practically this is expressed through inviting our neighbors to church, sharing the gospel, and participating in the ministry of the local church. This should lead us to transform our community through the gospel. We believe that the church is a diverse family made up of people from every race and generation. We are multi-generational. We firmly believe in the discipleship of every member of family from children to adults. While every family dynamic is unique we seek collectively to build the family of the Church through its various ministries.

These ideas are summarized in three words: Biblical, Simple, Community. 

What to Expect at Grace? 

We are a small, traditional, Southern Baptist congregation.

We believe that the Bible has much to say about corporate worship. Our worship is simple and most importantly Biblical. We sing the traditional hymns of the Church. Our time is filled with prayers and the public reading of Scripture. We firmly believe in expositional text-driven and Christ-centered preaching. You can expect a joyful time filled with laughs, encouragement, and spiritual transformation.